As the 21st century hurtles forward at breathless speed, today, more than ever before, the noisy roar and confusion of life threatens to overwhelm us at every moment. Our busy preoccupations sweep us off our feet. Newspapers and TV channels bombard us with stories about brutality and crime, tragedy and death. Perhaps in this much abused city of ours we feel the impact even more.

Yet, somewhere deep inside, we know that "with all its sham and drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world". Our city has a beauty of its own. It certainly has character. We also witness little deeds of courage and heroism, selfless acts of compassion and sacrifice taking place around us all the time. Only, they slip by unnoticed by most people.

K-now seeks to draw attention to the brighter aspects of our city, dispel some of the despair, restore some of the pride and perhaps even energise people to bring about positive changes in their environment.

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CLASS XII :  Srishti Banerjee,  Varsha Bhargava, Ipshita Bhuwania, Manisha Ganguly, Meghadeepa Maity, Anupurba Roy, Shreyashi Roy, Aastha Tibrewal 

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